We know that leaving your pet behind can be difficult for both you and your pet. We strive to make this time away easier by providing a stress-free, enjoyable, and comfortable atmosphere for your pet. We ensure that your pet has a relaxing area to sleep and plenty of time to exercise throughout the day at Prairie Ridge Animal Hospital.

To help ensure that your pets do well while they board with us, we only offer a limited number of spaces. This gives us the opportunity to spend more time with your pet and keep them active throughout the day. We want to do more than just board your pet all day, we want them to feel like they are at their home away from home. We have over an acre of land for your pet to run and play, and we take each pet outside several times throughout the day to exercise with an individual and a couple of playmates (if they pass our compatibility test). Our highly trained staff ensures that your pet is happy and healthy for their entire stay.

Included with your pet's stay: Doggie Daycamp or individual playtime, a high quality diet, bedding, photos sent to your phone or email, highly trained caretakers to ensure health and happiness during stay, full bath, and ear cleaning.

Boarding Rates and Requirements